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We have expertise in fiberglass both making new parts and repairing old. My mentor was one of the first commercial fiberglass fabricators in the US, starting in 1955 with American Plastics Corporation.

I learned very early about Ester based and Epoxy based layups and mold building. We repair cowlings and wheel pants. We also do laminate layups for floorboards and other light weight structures
To the right are pictures of building a replacement Christen Eagle II canopy. There is a lot of different technologies and mediums involved in this construction. So much so that the Eagle factory would send out a team to build the canopy for the builder of the kit as it was a labor intensive and fit critical part.

Below are photos of a mold we made to build fiberglass landing gear. The next two are beginning the lay up for a mold for a high wing pusher ultralight.
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