We have completed more than 32 restorations / complete recovering's since starting business in 1972. Big and small we have done most all. The only difference between a recover job and restoration is the detail and amount of extra work that goes into a restoration. That includes new fittings if out of tolerance, replacement of anything broken instead of just a repair and a lot of research into the detail that can make your plane stand out from another of the same make and model.
1940 Taylorcraft BC65 N26636 is a great example. The aircraft was flown in to us. We completely stripped and disassembled most everything on the airframe. The engine did not have much time since major so, it was mainly just cleaned up.

Below I am going to show you photos of how the restoration was done. You will see that a lot of work and effort, a labor of love, goes into each restoration or covering job for that matter.

I created the instrument panel after an original 8" tachometer was found. I use try and use light colors in the cockpit areas, especially under the dash. It makes all the work more visible and its easier to inspect. The fuselage was repaired in the rear due to corrosion, as was the trim tab pivot mounts and spar. It was sand blasted and epoxy coated.  New wood was made around the doors and landing gear along with new stringers. These pre-war airplanes used saddle blocks to hold the stringers in place. The saddle blocks are installed with a white tape similar to the old medical tape with cloth reinforcement. Then they are wired in place with stainless safety wire. All new floorboards were made.
The front was sprayed with Air-Tech flat black, and the front lower and floor boards were sprayed with silver metallic polyurethane.

A new wool headliner was installed.

All metal parts were stripped and anything cracked or broken were made new. The wings and ailerons were in good shape and only needed a light sanding after inspection and refinished with several coats of epoxy spar varnish. This plane had an factory aux fuel tank and hand fuel transfer pump (ford model A fuel pump) and were retained. A new windshield bow was made from fiberglass layups on the plane. All new glass was installed after covering the airframe with the Air-Tech process.

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