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Wood is the oldest aircraft building material. It is strong, lightweight and easy to work with. We have built entire airplanes out of wood. We also have performed a lot of wood repairs.

Spars, ribs, formers, stringers, and some of the most difficult plywood leading edges. If you have a wood issue, let us take a look at it. We do spar repairs and or replacements on most aircraft.
To the right is just one example. This was a the lower wing of a Pitts S1C. The pilots viability is not great while taxing and the plane sits low to the ground. A runway marker made from plastic tubing with a sign mounted was hit and made the divot you see in the top photo.

Once the covering was removed the extent of the damage was clear. We cleaned off the varnish and cut the nose rib for a splice. We used Mahogany/Birch plywood for the repair.
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